All resident rooms have an ensuite washroom and are furnished with a bed, night table, clothes closet, and chair. We encourage residents and families to furnish and decorate the room with personal items as well.

Long Term Accommodation:

Pine Villa Care Centre offers three types of accommodations; these include Private, Semi-Private, and Basic.

Type of Accommodation # of Beds Bathroom
Private 1 Private
Semi-Private 2 Shared
Basic 4 Shared

Short Stay Accommodation:

Short Stay refers to temporary stay at a Home. Pine Villa Care Centre offers Short Stay accommodation:

Type of Short Stay Description Maximum Length of Stay*
Interim Bed Program Provides a short stay interim bed for a patient who was residing in the hospital but needs long term care. The patient will wait for a bed in the long term care Home of their choice in the interim bed 120 consecutive days for the first period

*The LHIN/CCAC can extend a resident’s stay up to 60 days if certain circumstances are met.

Accommodation Rates:

The cost of long term care accommodation is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). The amount paid by a resident for their long term care home accommodation is called a “co-payment”. These rates are reviewed annually by the MOHLTC and are standardized across Ontario. A breakdown of the current rates (effective July 1, 2012) is available on the MOHLTC website or by clicking here.

View Current Rates

Rate Reductions:

If your income is not sufficient to pay for the Basic Accommodation rate, a subsidy is available to reduce your accommodation rate. Subsidies are only available for Basic Accommodation. To determine your eligibility, you must submit your current Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada to the Home. Applications for the rate reduction subsidy must be submitted on an annual basis. The Business Office Manager will send you a reminder thirty days prior to renewal.

Exceptional Circumstances:

If you are moving into a long term care home and your spouse requires financial assistance to remain in his or her home, there is a government benefit called “Exceptional Circumstances” for people with lower incomes or couples who have to live separately. Exceptional Circumstances must be done on an annual basis. The Business Office Manager will provide you with sufficient notice when the time comes.

Unfunded Services:

Pine Villa Care Centre also offers some services for residents which are subject to charges above the monthly accommodation rate. These services are called “Unfunded Services”. These use of these services is optional and must be signed for on an annual basis.

Examples of unfunded services are:

  • preferred accommodation
  • transportation costs to appointments / clinics
  • medications not covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan
  • medication dispensing fee
  • escort service
  • foot care services
  • dentistry services
  • hairdressing services
  • personal wheelchair maintenance/purchase
  • dry cleaning
  • glasses, hearing aids
  • meals outside the Home
  • special activities above and beyond our regular programming
  • telephone connections and monthly fees
  • cable television connections and monthly fees
  • newspaper delivery